NEED Clean clothes RIGHT NOW!

Bring us your laundry, we can have it wash, dry and folded in 4 hours. With a many helpful services to help make the most of your time. We can help get your laundry done and you out the door to get you doing the things you love to do. NOT Laundry.


Bring in your laundry, list your preferences, we will weigh them, wash to your specifications and returned neatly packaged in 4 hours. We charge by the pound. Then we will text you when they are done.


Dry and Fold-You put your clothes in the washer, leave coins to dry and drying instructions. We will dry and fold your laundry, package them up neatly and text you when they are done. We charge by the size washer you use.


Plan to wash your laundry but you need to slip away for a short time to run some errands. You put your laundry in the washer, ask the attendant to transfer to a dryer. Leave coins to dry and dryer sheets if needed. Go run you errands and return to clean dry clothes. We will text when they are done. Then all you need to do is fold and go. This is a free service.

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